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Hi! I’m Dvora, a Registered Dietitian who helps women live a life of health, peace, and joy.

Are you tired of being obsessed with food and your weight?

Does food make you feel stressed or guilty?

Have you tried diet after diet only to feel like you keep failing?

What if I told you, YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!

It is the diets that failed you!

Diets are also shown to be responsible for the obsessiveness with weight and food, as well as the guilt and stress about food!

Would you take a medication that had a 95% chance of not improving your condition, and even possibly making it worse? When I learned this is what dieting is like, I knew that I did not want to continue focusing on diets and weight, and I definitely did not want to help others focus on weight and dieting.

What do I mean?

Research has shown that up to 95% of diets do not work – and most people gain back their weight, plus more!

I know! This is hard to believe, it was surprising to me too, at first. But the more research I do, the more I learn about the ill effects of dieting.

So how do I focus on improving my health, and how do I help my clients with their health goals?

After all, I am a Registered Dietitian, and health is something I value!

I learned about a gentle and compassionate approach to nutrition, which uses the innate tools we all have. You rediscover the pleasure and satisfaction found in food, and you learn to care for yourself with nutrition, as well as with other self-care techniques.

This is an approach in which YOU are empowered to choose the foods that YOU enjoy and that feel good in YOUR body.

Food choices, exercise and healthy living become more peaceful and the stress and guilt are removed.

What does this look like?

Imagine: Eating a cookie without worrying about the calories.

or Deciding to eat a salad with your lunch just because it is appealing to you.

or Getting on the treadmill just to enjoy the feeling of a good workout.


You can learn to stop defining your value by the number on the scale!

You can learn to feel comfortable in your body!

You can develop the tools to trust your food choices!

Learning about Intuitive Eating has really helped me refocus my goals on what is truly meaningful and important in life. And ever since then, I have become so passionate about Intuitive Eating and the self-care aspect that goes right along with it.

Want to learn more about this amazing life you can have? Schedule a free 20 minute discovery call here:

Dvora obtained her Food and Nutrition Degree from University of Alabama. She continues to obtain professional education as part of her qualifications as a Registered Dietitian and has experience working with many populations.

She resides in Clifton, NJ with her husband and three children, and conducts sessions virtually, via Zoom.